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Meet the Medallion® Members whose travel is truly extraordinary and the incredible Delta employees who helped us reach new heights in 2018.

On their way to a Milestone Award, these winners earned some major miles.

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Mega Miler
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jere b. Diamond Medallion Member
Nashville, TN
Achieved 11 Million Miler™ Status, SkyMiles® Member since 1981

Taking more than 216 flights last year, Jere travels almost daily for business. He and his wife love exploring the world—most memorably, Italy’s Amalfi Coast, and most recently, Slovenia and Croatia.

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Diamond Medallion Member | Houston, TX


Diamond Medallion Member | San Diego, CA

Top Miler Flew a distance of 473,267 miles in a single year
Diamond Medallion Member Julian P.
julian p. Diamond Medallion Member
Champaign, IL

Flying 473,267 miles led to Julian earning a total of one million miles in 2018 (thanks to mileage bonuses he earned as a Diamond Medallion Member). A pilot and mathematician, he loves spending time in Hawaii. In fact, it’s such a frequent destination for Julian, the team at the Honolulu Delta Sky Club® threw him a birthday celebration.

night owl

On his way to earning Top Miler, Julian flew the most red-eye flights (50 of them), earning the Night Owl Award, too.

Flying is just a part of who Julian is. This well-traveled math professor set out last year to earn a million miles domestically as quickly as possible. He says the Delta 360°™ program made the biggest impact and was the most helpful, escorting him via Porsche to connecting flights in a matter of minutes. Julian gives most of his miles away to family members who have used over 2 million miles to travel to places like Cuba, Japan, and Mexico City. Julian looks forward to traveling with them during his upcoming retirement.


top milers

FLEW 270,537 miles

Diamond Medallion Member | Raleigh-Durham, NC

As RDU’s #1 airline, we’re proud to help the Research Triangle’s Top Miler fly such an impressive number of miles.

FLEW 208,486 MILES

Scot E. | San Jose, CA

2018 marked the San Jose Top Miler’s first time in the Middle East with a trip to Abu Dhabi. His most memorable trips include Japan, Australia and, of course, Paris. “Cliché, but true,” he says.

Scot’s career in international motorsports takes him all over the world to fans who are eager to see a race in their region. He says, “The possibility to have stereotypes is very easy,” but as different as customs may be, he always finds that people are friendly and proud to share their cities and customs.

“When you travel, you understand the world differently—it’s a very small place, and you always have the ability to connect with someone. There’s something you share in common.”

flew 587 legs

Willard B. | Delta Flight Attendant

Flying 140+ hours each month from his Atlanta base, Willard B makes good use of layovers, whether it’s glacier hiking in Anchorage, AK or exploring the trails around Albuquerque, NM.

Throughout his 21-year tenure with Delta he has had the opportunity to share his travel experiences with his family with trips to Korea, Egypt, Australia, Mexico and Hawaii among many other destinations. This record breaker feels right at home up in the air. In his words, “When a customer steps onto a flight I'm working, I treat them as they have stepped into my home.”

Travel isn’t just something they do. It’s who they are.

Delta Travelers trophies
Skygrammer Shared the most photos
#skymileslife  |  #deltaproud
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jacqui l. Platinum Medallion Member
New York, NY

Jacqui’s love of travel was inspired by her adventurous grandmother. It’s led her to compete in triathlons on almost every continent and in incredible locations like Iceland and Australia. Working across both coasts, Jacqui loves to capture the beautiful moments she encounters on her transcontinental travel.

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dale p. Delta Line Logistics Manager
Atlanta, GA

Dedicated to Delta and the people who fly it, Dale grew up four miles from the Atlanta airport. He reminds everyone to “look up and appreciate the awesomeness that is all around.”

: @the_fresh_prince_of_dale_airfireworks image
: @the_fresh_prince_of_dale_airblue boats image

As a kid, Dale always had his head in the clouds. He’d spend all day out in the backyard, watching the planes fly over his house and wishing he could ride on one for the first time.

Years later, Dale got his wish. He started working for Delta and took his first flight, all the way to San Juan. Since then, travel has become a gift Dale loves to share with his family.

One of his most meaningful trips was with his Dad, who hadn’t been on a plane since the Vietnam War, to Washington, D.C. to see the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

these medallion members were born to fly.



Silver Medallion Member | Atlanta, GA

Since joining in 1981, he has earned nearly 3.8 million miles.


Joe L. |Delta TechOps

Joe is among the best of the best on our Atlanta TechOps team, and has been for 58 years.

Millennial miler

youngest member to reach million miler status

Diamond Medallion Member | Los Angeles, CA

He’s only 24 years old and has already hit this impressive milestone.

day tripper

flew 69 same-day out-and-back flights

Diamond Medallion Member | New York, NY

A frequent commuter between NYC and BOS, this Member likes to end his day in the city that never sleeps.

There’s not a corner of the globe these Milestone Winners haven’t traveled to.

Globe trotters trophies
Globe Trotter Traveled to 17 different countries
Diamond Medallion Member Juan V.
juan v. Diamond Medallion Member
Atlanta, GA

Juan visits customers around the world and loves to take time to experience places like a local. He enjoys having pizza with his customers’ employees, to get to know and thank them, as much as having dinner with his customers. This year, he’s planning to beat last year’s milestone by visiting 20 countries.

Trend Setter Explored the Most Trending Hot Spots*
Diamond Medallion Member Kurt H.
kurt h. Diamond Medallion Member
San Antonio, TX

Working in the medical field, Kurt travels to meet doctors and patients face-to-face, which has allowed him to experience new cultures firsthand. Colombia was Kurt’s top spot for 2018, and Portugal and South Africa are up next this year.

“You can’t understand how healthcare is delivered worldwide reading a report from your desk in the United States.” That’s why Kurt travels to emerging markets to talk with doctors and patients about their challenges, which differ from country to country.

He remembers speaking with one mother who struggled with C-section recovery after her first child, but, thanks to medical progress, enjoyed a successful recovery with her second child. “She had tears in her eyes—now she can take care of her family.”

Kurt says in-person interactions are invaluable, especially because communication is not only verbal. “What I spend on airfare—there’s no way I can measure the value of that. It’s way beyond any dollar amount.”

*Based on U.S. News & World Report’s 30 Best Places To Visit in 2018-19

gold globe
Continent Conquerors

These Members are in a category of their own for flying to six continents in 2018.

  • Vidmantas V.
  • E Daniel S.
  • Mark S.
  • Larry L.
  • Stephanie S.
  • Robert S.
  • Lowell P.
  • Geoffrey D.
  • Jay W.
  • Charles R.
  • Dean H.
  • Bryan K.
  • Maurice M.
  • Lawrence C.
  • Keith N.
  • Lyall S.
  • Diane L.
  • Timothy S.
  • Kenneth D.
  • William H.
  • Alexander V.
  • Richard S.
  • Craig W.
  • Ronald R.
  • Dimitrios M.
  • Corey C.
  • Anil R.
  • William H.
  • Brett T.
  • Errol R.
  • William A.
  • Theodore L.
  • John S.
  • Julio R.
  • Pamela S.
  • Linden K.
  • Kerney B.
  • Alexis M.
  • Teri B.
  • Roy B.
  • Ryan C.
  • Adeola S.
  • Gregory T.
  • Charles S.
  • Laura G.
  • Lane S.
  • Alfreda M.
  • Joseph W.
  • Alexander A.
  • Jeremy K.
  • Hiroki A.
  • Vineet M.
  • Jamie M.
  • Jason L.
  • Luis G.
  • Joseph N.
  • Ryan C.
  • Markos B.
  • Jennifer N.
  • Riya L.
  • Wallace G.
  • Roosevelt G.
  • Matthew D.
  • Shruti S.
  • Craig S.
  • Art H.
  • Cory K.
  • Greg L.
  • Indaue leda M.
  • Richard P.
  • Granville J.
  • Jamarr C.
  • Gregory S.
  • Joshua H.
  • Andrew N.
  • Jeanne K.
  • Stanley K.
  • Gregory E.
  • Gil L.
  • Ingrid Z.
  • Heath L.
  • Nitesh C.
  • Magdiel P.
  • Nicholas 0.
  • Robert C.
  • Suzanne C.
  • Vladimir B.
  • Laurence 0.
  • Al Mounir M.
  • Paul W.
  • Elmi 0.
  • Bruce S.
  • Dylan P.
  • Leif H.
  • Louise H.
  • Ravi L.
  • Jesse C.
  • Ryan F.
  • Nicolette R.
  • Michael A.
  • Olayiwola A.
  • Sandra M.
  • Scott B.
  • Cezary Z.
  • Robert F.
  • Jacqueline J.
  • Alistair H.
  • Linnea M.
  • Juan V.
  • Thomas N.
  • Anuradha L.
  • Tyler W.
  • Mario F.

Delta covers the map, and in 2018, so did they.


Flew to 50 cities

Diamond Medallion Member | Palm Beach, FL

Visiting the most unique destinations of any Medallion Member, this Member flew to a new city almost every week.

Flew to 47 cities

Diamond Medallion Members | New York, NY

How did New York’s Globe Trotter travel to so many cities? Quite easily, actually, since we fly to 113 unique destinations from NYC (JFK, LGA and EWR).

Flew to 43 cities

Diamond Medallion Members | Boston, MA

As Boston's #1 Global Carrier, we helped get the city’s Globe Trotter get anywhere he wanted to go.

Flew to 35 cities

Nicholas K. | Seattle, WA

Nick’s most memorable 2018 trip was to Maine. “The seafood and scenery couldn’t be beat.”

Flew to 31 cities

Michael C. | Austin, TX

He travels through Europe for work, and gives the miles he earns to family so they can see the world, too.

Milestone winners know kindness makes the world a more connected place.

Delta gifters trophies
Go Gifter
screenshot of video from youtube
david c. Diamond Medallion Member
Baltimore, MD
Donated 2,000,000 miles to SkyWish

An Army veteran himself, David travels often for business, connecting military members and veterans with their loved ones all over the world. He says Delta has been a tremendous partner, not only getting him where he needs to go, but also by what they do to help military families.

victor r. Delta Customer Service
Nashville, TN

Victor’s caring nature extends far beyond the Nashville airport. He’s helped construct 13 KaBOOM!® playgrounds and participated in Delta Global Builds with Habitat for Humanity.

Having grown up as a member of the Boys and Girls Club, Victor knows the importance of helping others. He brings his daughter along to participate in charity builds, passing along his legacy of service. And as member of the National Guard, Victor goes above and beyond to care for military families he meets in the airport. Knowing that the airport is often the last place families are together before a long separation, he says, “I try to give them more time together, however I can.”

Delta Line Maintenance Duty Manager Emiel A.
emiel a. Delta Line Maintenance Duty Manager
Amsterdam, Netherlands
top international volunteer (techops)

Emiel has led a 240km bike ride for two years, raising over $15,000 for the Dutch Cancer Society. He also cycles to and from his job at the Amsterdam airport to enjoy the fresh air.

We want to recognize the best employees in the business.

Diamond whisperer

most diamond medallion member calls

Kris H. | Delta Medallion Customer Service

Kris, who is based in Cincinnati, knows what it takes to make our Diamond Medallion Members’ days brighter.

social solver

handled the most @delta requests

Marina S. | Delta Reservations

A Florida-based social butterfly on Twitter, Marina helps customers worldwide.

The 5 Star


Elizabeth M. | Customer Care

With a caring and empathetic nature, all those “5s” mean this Texas-based agent is #1.

the welcomer


Angela S. | Delta Sky Club®

A ray of sunshine from Palm Beach, Angela welcomes members before or in between flights.

these winners know our planes and our people better than anyone else.

Delta insiders trophies
Metal Head Flew on 91% of the aircraft models in Delta’s Fleet
Diamond Medallion Member Trent M.
trent m. Diamond Medallion Member
Omaha, NE

With 320 travel days last year, Trent’s second home is a Delta plane. He’s such a travel pro that he spends as much time on the Fly Delta App as he does checking his email. Trent says he can travel for 19-day stretches with a single carry-on. “It’s a science of mixing, matching and laundry.”

These amazing employees help Medallion Members reach new heights.

crew connector

exceptional crew tracker

Kim K. | Delta Operations Control Center

A logistical expert from Atlanta, Kim ensures flights around the globe get a fully refreshed crew around the clock.

Kim is a born caregiver. On her 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. schedule, she looks out for flight crews on routes around the world. When unavoidable delays happen and crews are rescheduled, she is empathetic to their needs. “If it takes me walking across the room to get meals for a crew at JFK who hasn’t eaten, I will. It shows I cared and I listened. The easiest thing to do is to listen with your heart.”

A love for Delta and travel is also in her genes. Kim’s mother has worked at Delta for 48 years, and Kim has used her Delta flight benefits to give her son the world. “I was a single mom until he was 12, so my goal was to take him to every place he could think of. I wanted to provide him those memories, and I hope he will pass that down, too.”

standard setter

highest customer satisfaction ratings

Karen V. | Delta Flight Attendant

A 40-year Delta veteran based in Atlanta, Karen sees every flight as a way to create moments of kindness for others.

Decades of meeting people and seeing places with Delta has made Karen a standout. She credits her passengers for making her a better flight attendant, one who leads with compassion, empathy and appreciation for all passengers. She enjoys how people’s personalities, cultural nuances and kindness manifest themselves differently through travel.

“Traveling is the best education there is; there’s just nothing else like it.”

problem solver


Rose K. | Senior Load Planner

The most senior woman on her Atlanta team, Rose crunches the numbers to keep planeloads perfectly balanced.